Laboratory of Aeropalynology
Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
61-614 Poznań, ul. Umultowska 89
Phone/Fax:+48 61 829 57 00
Contact person: Małgorzata Nowak MSc

Consecutive aerobiological monitoring in Poznań has been conducted since 1995 and is performed according to the method recommended by IAA. Monitoring covers pollen grains of about 30 pollen taxa and fungal spores of Alternaria and Cladosporium.

Pollen data are collected by volumetric spore trap at two sites in Poznań:
  • The first one (Burkard trap) is sited in an urban area close to the city centre on the roof (height 33m) of a university students’ dormitory (Esculap).

  • The second one (VPPS 2000 Lanzoni trap) is sited in a more rural area on the northern outskirts of the city, on the roof (height 18m) of a building in a new university campus (Morasko). There is also located weather station DAVIS Vantage Pro2.

Head of the Laboratory: Professor Bogdan Jackowiak
Assistant Professor: Dr. Łukasz Grewling
PhD students: Paweł Bogawski MSc
Technical staff: Małgorzata Nowak MSc, Agata Szymańska MSc, Łukasz Kostecki MSc
Dr Alicja Stach (1951-2009) palynologist, the founder of Laboratory
of Aeropalynology

Main research topics:
  • Spatial and temporal variations in the concentrations of selected pollen and spores types recorded at two sites in Poznań.
  • Examining of long distance transport of pollen using back-trajectory analysis.
  • Comparison of pollen concentrations of allergenic plants between several sites in Poland and Europe.
  • Analysis of allergen concentrations of Alternaria alternata (Alt a 1) using immunoenzymathic method (ELISA).
  • Phenological observations of selected taxa Betula and Artemisia) with relation to aerobiological studies.
  • Forecasting models predicting the most important characteristics of pollen seasons of allergenic taxa.