The Polish Aerobiological Network is a scientific network created by the Aerobiological Monitoring Centres existing as the university units.
In the Monitoring Centres the professional measurement of the daily pollen and fungal spore concentrations in the air is carried out according to the International Association for Aerobiology (IAA) requirements.

Main aims of the network:
  • development of aerobiology in Poland as a scientific discipline
  • promotion of the practical application of pollen concentration monitoring in different fields: allergology, criminology, agriculture, environmental protection, climatology
  • co-operation with the European Aeroallergen Network (EAN)
  • educational activity within the network interests

Scientific fields of the network:
aerobiology, aeropalynology, phenology, allergological prophylaxis

The Aerobiological Network is a structure open and willing to accept new members and to co-operate with other discipline, close to aerobiology, of similar subject matter. Aerobiology is a scientific discipline dealing with the passive transport of biological particles in the air, analysis of the sources of their production, release in the atmosphere, dispersion, deposition and their impact on other living organisms (plants, animals, human body).